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Full-service medical billing

A full-service medical billing company offering innovative medical billing solutions to mid to large-size healthcare practices across the nation. We offer a wide variety of specialized medical billing services to meet our healthcare practice needs, including medical billing, credentialing and medical A/R services.

- Prompt attention for unexpected injuries or illnesses
- Quick diagnosis and treatment for non-life-threatening conditions

- Expert care for bone and joint issues
- Diagnosis and treatment for injuries, fractures, and musculoskeletal conditions

- Comprehensive care for adult health concerns
- Diagnosis and management of chronic diseases and internal health issues
- Women's health services for all ages
- Annual exams, prenatal care, and treatment for female reproductive health issues
Massconn medical billing is a full-service medical billing company that is outsourced. We provide assistance to physicians, hospitals, medical institutions, and group practices. We assist you in earning more money by providing quick and low-cost services. Our low-cost billing systems help physicians boost revenue while decreasing administrative stress and losses. We believe in process improvement, human resources, and the will to innovate. These ideas guide us as we continue to provide uncompromising but cost-effective revenue cycle management services to our clients.
Every one of our solutions is developed within the organization by our own software developers and billing professionals, all of whom have a thorough understanding of medical billing and the difficulties it raises. As a result, we can create software that is user-friendly, cutting-edge, and completely customizable to match your exact needs. Our solutions can be utilized as stand-alone or modular components, allowing you to pay for only what you need. Furthermore, because we own and operate all of our global distribution hubs, you may benefit from our high-quality services at an exceptionally cheap cost.
Because of its specialized codes and phrases, ambulance billing might be more perplexing when compared to other strengths. Ambulance closely covers specific claims to fame, such as gynecology, gastrointestinal, endocrinology, oncology, and pediatrics, making it very testing and distinct. To cope with the hassles associated with ambulance clinical charging, specific and prepared personnel with a wealth of knowledge and skill are required.
A pulmonologist looks over a chest x-ray. You may spend the most of your time as a pulmonologist on outpatient consultations and follow-up sessions, but you will also likely perform inpatient visits as well as various tests and procedures for conditions such as COPD. Because of the vast range of diagnostic codes, patients’ medical records are more accurately reflected in the payment process, although dealing with the complications can be time-consuming. A medical billing and coding partner can help you ensure that you are neither under- or over-coding in order to maximize reimbursements while being in line with billing regulations.
A person’s mental well-being is just as important as their physical well-being. Psychiatrists see a wide range of patients on a daily basis, so billing for psychiatry is unique and demands the use of several service-specific diagnostic and treatment codes. It is vital to understand what codes are available and the circumstances for using those codes. Outsourcing medical billing and coding allows you to focus on patient care while your organization’s most crucial financial parts are handled. Professional billing services will keep you up to date on the most recent coding standards and regulations, allowing you to optimize your business operations.

Radiology specialists employ imaging techniques to diagnose and treat a variety of disorders. Radiologists encounter various billing issues, including rising infrastructure costs, poor reimbursement rates, and a delayed billing process. To keep radiology medical services profitable, it is critical to maximize reimbursements and speed up the billing process. Radiology billing services can be complicated due to the constant growth and advancements in radiology technology. As a result, there are frequently new additions to codes for billing new latest technology services, and billers must remain vigilant and up to date with the new codes.

Radiology billing is classified into two categories: technical billing and professional billing. Technical billing covers the use of equipment and machines, whereas professional billing covers the diagnoses and interpretation of data by radiologists. To understand and deal with the complexities of radiology billing, a well-trained and certified team of billing professionals is required. Hiring a billing business for your billing and coding services is one of the greatest ways to overcome challenges with radiology medical billing.

The patient’s medical records are examined by a critical care physician. As a Critical Care physician, you must not only focus on providing excellent patient care to those in most need, but you must also invest time in developing relationships with your patients’ invested family members. Furthermore, medical billing and general practice administration can be time-consuming and complex, especially when dealing with a variety of serious ailments.

A medical billing and coding partner applies their billing knowledge and devotion to your practice’s correct claims and payments, enabling you to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional patient care. Hiring and retaining individuals for in-house billing can be costly in terms of both time and money. By outsourcing all or some of your practice’s revenue cycle operations to a competent medical practice management business, you can spend more time with your patients while increasing your cash flow.

Medical billing and coding for rehabilitation institutions, like any other discipline of medicine, is complicated and time-consuming, but it is vital to the success of any rehabilitation or treatment facility. With insurers and government payers lowering payments wherever they can and prices rising, precise rehab medical billing is more important than ever. Outsourcing medical billing and claims management to specialists has proven to be the ideal solution for many treatment and rehabilitation facilities.

Preventive medical billing administrations supply billing and coding administrations to CDH-identified operations. Preventive billing is regarded as one of the most uncertain billings in the healthcare setting. CDH can be influenced by a variety of conditions, including diabetes and immune system disorders. While the disease associated with the CDH can produce a variety of difficulties, such as hypertension and bone infection. Various techniques, such as ultrasound, dialysis, and CDH relocation, as well as other surgeries, are used to diagnose and treat infections caused by CDH, and it is critical to code this methodology. Patients must visit the specialist on a regular basis for tests for an extended period of time.

Patients must also attend a medical clinic on a monthly basis for dialysis reasons, which must also be considered during the coding conversation. These elements make the preventative billing cycle somewhat perplexing. Appropriate documentation, coding, and billing lower the denial rate substantially. To carry out this billing and coding administration, an all-around dedicated and well-prepared crew is required. The billing faculty should be aware of the government’s security requirements and rules, which are always changing. The billing paperwork should be done exactly and without error so that there is no potential of disavowal.

Nephrology Medical Billing services include billing and coding for kidney-related medical operations. Nephrology billing is regarded as one of the most difficult billings in the medical field. Other disorders, such as diabetes and autoimmune diseases, might harm the kidneys. While kidney disease can lead to other issues such as hypertension and bone disease, it is not the only one. For the diagnosis and treatment of kidney illnesses, many techniques such as ultrasound, dialysis, kidney transplantation, and other surgical procedures are employed, and it is critical to code all of these operations. Patients must visit the doctor on a regular basis for checkups, sometimes for many years. Patients must also visit the hospital on a monthly basis for dialysis, which must be factored into the coding process. These considerations affect the procedure of nephrology billing. Correct documentation, coding, and billing are critical for lowering the likelihood of claim denial. To conduct these billing and coding services, a specialized and well-trained crew is necessary. Billing personnel must comprehend the insurance regulations and regulatory norms, which change over time. Billing documentation should be completed precisely and without error to eliminate the possibility of refusal. Outsourcing the billing department to an experienced billing and coding company is the greatest answer for dealing with nephrology billing issues.

The charge associated with the CRNA is also thought to be sensitive. CRNAs are frequently discovered to be uneasy with their charging interaction. The most serious concern is an underdeveloped charging staff. Generally, the staff at CRNA clinics and clinical centers is not properly prepared to interpret the codes the charges, which results in case denial. Sometimes the CRNA’s payment is lost due to the refusal of cases due to sporadic development and the failure to provide the appropriate archive to the insurance companies.
This is due to the staff’s lack of ability and time constraints. CRNA are generally unaware of the principles and criteria of HIPAA and the public authority. Cases are forfeited due to the negligence of information identified by the criteria. As a result, the CRNA requires an all-around expert charging and coding organization to improve the income age and for successful practice. The ideal clinical billing organization will supplement your income while also keeping you up to date on new codes and prescription variations.

In some ways, PCM and chronic care management (CCM) are comparable in that both services are for patients who require ongoing clinical monitoring and care coordination. However, unlike CCM, PCM requires patients to have only one complicated chronic disease, whereas CCM requires three or more. PCM may be useful for a patient with uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension, or for a high-risk patient with severe asthma who has recurrent hospital readmissions.
Massconn and its highly qualified specialists see it as our fundamental profession to ease our healthcare professionals’ issues and to give the finest service possible in accordance with their expectations.

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